Scooter/DPV Diving

  • DurationTwo Days

  • PrerequisitesO.W.D Certification or similar

  • What you'll getOn-line theory, Scooter rental, Digital Certification, Special discount on MARES diving equipment.

  • Add-onsDiving equipment. (rent € 10 per day)

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  • Availability

    Specify with the Diving Center
  • Minimum Age

    15 years old
  • Duration

    2 days
  • Requirements

    Good Physical Form
    Demonstrate aptitude and good buoyancy
    Medical certificate of fitness for diving

Propulsion vehicles for diving (DPVs) or scooters offer an exciting way for scuba divers to see much of the underwater world in no time. You will fly through the water on the reefs, swim around a sunken ship or go around the whole island of Tarifa It does not matter if it is a dive from the shore or from a ship, a DPV is a great way to see more and have fun. They also help you use less energy and effort, which also reduces air consumption.

What is not included: Compulsory Medical Certificate of apt for recreational diving and Dive insurance

€ 180

29 June
26 August
30 September
28 October
25 November

Day 1

theoretical class + immersion no more than 12 meters

Day 2

dive to no more than 18 meters.