About Us

Our Company

Diving Center was established in 2014 in Tarifa.

Leon Marino Diving Center is a full-service 5-star diving center and scuba equipment retailer. We are operating in Tarifa and provide complete services to all divers in the Spain

We help our clients make their most enjoyable moments, whether they are beginner divers or professionals. Extensive time of doing what we love has enabled us to build an exceptionally equipped and trustable level of service. Our instructors and professional team strive to achieve the top-level of professionalism you deserve.

León Marino Diving Center is born from our passion and love for the sea and all its creatures. Our main objective is to share this passion with you and help you develop as great divers so that you can fully enjoy the endless wonders that the ocean offers us every day.

All the people who work at Leon Marino Diving Center are aware of the importance of conserving and preserving the ecosystem and we want to transmit that philosophy to become freer and more committed to the future of our planet.

Come and join us as we discover a unique diving environment, where you can dive in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic on the same day.

Why Leon Marino Diving Center?

  • Safety

    Our training program is based on the "safety first" philosophy, complying with all safety standards, which ensures safe fun in all our activities. All of our courses are supervised by the quality and safety control of SSI Scuba School International and its program in more than thirty languages of diving courses of all levels.

  • Our Team

    All the staff of León Marino Diving Center has extensive experience in diving and knows how to transmit to our clients and students safety and experience in all activities. They are able to solve any doubts and questions about diving material, guided routes and courses for training.

  • Quality

    Beside the official standards and recognition, the quality of our services and our human team is endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers and students. In addition, our center has high quality and totally new diving equipment.

  • Customer Approach

    Our intention is to transmit to clients our full knowledge about diving and the ocean and more specifically about our immersion area on the Island of Tarifa, within the Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar. So they can value, as we do, the greatness and fragility of the immense sea that surrounds us.